Announcing Triangle Kayak Newsletter

This is a short but important post for me. Today I’m announcing the publication of the first edition of the Triangle Kayak Newsletter that I hope to publish quarterly.

I started designing this Mailchimp-driven newsletter to help me stay in touch with some of the 100 or so ACA instructors I’ve worked with over the past decade. I want to continue to share and develop resources with those who came to me for their instructor development.

Since I started building this, I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from a lot of folks including current instructors and paddlers who indicated interest in the material. From this feedback, my ultimate direction may become a mix of information and updates about paddlesports education of interest to the broader market.

I appreciate those who’ve supported my efforts and invite everyone to take a look. The email newsletter will be simple for anyone to sign up for or to opt out of at any time. If you haven’t already received the first edition in your email, you can see it on the web here. Use the signup button below and join in. I’ll announce future editions on my website and my Facebook Page.

I welcome your comments and suggestions.


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