This course is designed to refresh and add to your teaching and paddling skills as well as update your ACA Instructor certification. We will review current information regarding ACA curriculum, instructional programs, policies, certification requirements, insurance guidelines, reporting, etc. Participation alone does not guarantee your update. You will be expected to meet any of the criteria and challenges of certification as an ACA L1 Introduction to Kayaking Instructor and you may be challenged on any of that information or skills. That said, I want to make this an enjoyable and educational experience for all.

Level 1 Introduction to Kayaking Instructor updates are 1 day. The venue for our update classes will be “Calm, flat water, protected from wind, waves and outside boat traffic, with no apparent current and within swimming distance of shore“, the same criteria for L1 instructor certification and for all L1 kayak skills courses and assessments. This is new language, adopted in 2012 by the ACA SEIC to better clarify the venue for L1.

Before you arrive at the update you should practice paddling and teaching all the material (body of knowledge) for your level (e.g. the L1 Kayaking/River Kayaking skills courses and Instructor Criteria found on the ACA website).  Those not familiar with deep-water rescue techniques should review those techniques and/or these videos of them.

If you’d like to review course registration and/or course reporting, these videos may be helpful.

If you have questions about performing any of the required certification skills, feel free to ask.

What To Bring:

  • Course Fee ($50. All net proceeds donated to ACA Dixie Division) and waiver/release of liability
  • Current ACA Instructor’s card (or means of verifying current certification) and a picture ID.
  • Means of verifying current (within expiration dates) CPR and First Aid certification. Medical professionals may provide current medical licensure. (Note: You may complete the update course without these being current, but before your update can be reported to the ACA office, proof of certification must be provided)
  • PFD (Type III or Type III/V) with whistle
  • Kayak with proper outfitting and flotation
  • Paddle(s)
  • Rescue gear (optional, including bilge pump)
  • Appropriate clothing for the venue and conditions.
  • Any special teaching/rescue tools you like to use

Instructor Update Sample Outline

  • Paperwork (Waiver, course fee)
  • Introductions
  • Review of ACA and ACA education programs
  • Review of recent policy changes
  • Review of boating safety laws pertinent to kayakers (Life jackets, whistle, light, registration) (NC example)
  • Review of Level 1 Introduction to Kayaking curriculum
  • Review of rescue skills
  • Review of teaching methods, critique and assessment
  • Assessment of teaching and modeling strokes including: Forward, Reverse, Sweeps, Draws and Rudder and maneuvers including: forward paddle, reverse paddle, spin, sideways, rudder to paddle side.
  • Assessment of group management and rescue skills
  • Feedback/Update Evaluation Form

Sept. 14, 2013, 9:00AM L1 Kayak Update Course

Course Location: 4750 Lookout Dam Road, Catawba, NC 28609 (Lookout Shoals NC Wildlife Boating Access)


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