A million ways to teach

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Note: This article was subsequently published in the American Canoe Association’s ezine Paddle in September, 2015.  Successful completion of an American Canoe Association instructor certification workshop can be an exciting moment in any paddler’s life. You’ve met the “Gold Standard” of an internationally recognized body to go out into the world and begin passing your knowledge, skill and enthusiasm on to … Read More

Congratulations To Chris Wing; ACA Instructor Trainer

photo of Chris Wing

I want to extend my congratulations to Chris Wing for his certification today as the American Canoe Association‘s newest Level 4 Whitewater Kayaking Instructor Trainer. Chis is a founding partner and manager of H2O Dreams, LLC an innovative and progressive paddlesports education business in North Carolina and a member of ACA’s River Kayak Committee whom I’ve had the tremendous honor … Read More

Congratulations to C.C. Williams; ACA Instructor Trainer

I want to loudly express my joy in learning that the American Canoe Association has just approved its newest Level 2 Essentials of River Kayaking Instructor Trainer, Charles “C.C.” Williams, adding this qualification to his Whitewater Kayaking and Swiftwater Rescue Instructor certifications and considerable existing teaching abilities.  I’ve been mentoring C.C. for the past year on his path toward this … Read More

The value of ACA certification

“The Gold Standard” is a term frequently heard nowadays that may have changed its connotation since its original coinage, shifting to an implication that something represents the best, the ultimate, the gold medal. American Canoe Association instructor certification is often referred to as the “Gold Standard” of paddlesports instruction 1 with, I believe, this intended meaning. Let’s go back and … Read More

Professional collaboration by paddlesports educators

The July, 2011 edition of ACA’s “SEI Focus” newsletter for ACA instructors announced the possibility of a future ACA “journal” intended to provide a forum for ACA instructors to publish and share educational  ideas, materials, and discussions to help evolve the practice. I had proposed this idea to ACA president and SEIC chair Robin Pope as a means of formalizing … Read More