The Ouch Pouch for minor on-water first aid

I’ve been playing around some with ways to reorganize my on-water first aid supplies and kit. Fortunately, most of the time I’ve needed first aid supplies on the river they have been occasions where minor cuts and scrapes needed attention more from an excess of caution and for the convenience/comfort of the injured paddler. (I like to think that this … Read More

Quick tip on tethers

Here’s a quick tip on tow tethers (aka “Cowtails”) you might be using on your rescue PFD. I wish I could take credit for the idea but like most great ideas, this one spreads like a virus: I caught it and am passing it along. I saw this at the ¬†2015 ACA Swiftwater Rescue Symposium. Several rescue PFDs on the … Read More

ACA announces new pro-deals for L4 and L5 instructors

The American Canoe Association¬†announced new pro-deals this week for current ACA level 4 and level 5 instructors including new ones from industry-leading manufacturers. Many thanks!!! to these companies for recognizing the leadership role that ACA instructors have in introducing thousands and thousands of new paddlers to our outdoor sports every year and the degree to which instructors already go to … Read More


Introductory paddlesports classes can be a pretty significant change of environment for many people. At best, students will be excited and probably focused on a lot of extraneous aspects of their day; in many cases, forgetting about the list of personal equipment/supplies you, the instructor, gave them in advance to prepare. Some of these students may have never spent a … Read More

Werner Corryvrecken

Photo of kayak and paddle

Though my roots are in whitewater, I’ve made a pretty substantial investment in interest and effort over the years into coastal kayaking, ocean surfing and coastal kayak instruction. Up until now, if I was headed out for a day of surfing the long boat at the coast, I’d pack my go-to whitewater paddle a Werner Powerhouse, for a comfortable feel … Read More