A little bit goes a long way

Seriously. You don’t necessarily need to make big changes in your paddling technique to see big gains in your paddling proficiency. You’re part-way there already. Honing just a couple of basic kayaking fundamentals can make a difference in whether you catch that big wave or that tough eddy.¬†The better you get; the greater the result. Here are some small changes … Read More

ACA Course Decision Trees

I have so many reasons to be proud of both my pedigree as an ACA Instructor Trainer Educator, having been trained and mentored by ACA former President and SEIC Chair Robin Pope and CKAPCO owner Mike Aronoff, and my legacy, having myself mentored current Instructor Trainers like C.C. Williams and Chris Wing. In this instance, I’m going to push the … Read More

We’re Watching You

I’m sorry. But. It’s a side-effect of my trade that I and other paddling instructors are watching what you do on the water in your paddle craft. We’re looking at you and thinking: “I could help that person”. I see a pretty common set of issues that affect kayakers ranging in skills and experience all the way from the occasional … Read More

2015 Special Report on Paddlesports

The American Canoe Association has posted the 2015 Special Report on Paddlesports: a partnership project of Coleman, Sevylor, Stearns and the Outdoor Foundation. The report presents status and trends in the paddlesports of interest to paddlers and professionals in the industry. Check it out.