Learning Styles

paddlers in a course

My colleague on ACA’s River Kayak Committee, Janet Cowie, Director of Instruction Paddlesports (update 1/17/15 new advancement for Janet-Congratulations!) at Zoar Outdoor recently forwarded me this short article which discusses the concept of “learning styles” in the context of different methods of teaching knowledge/skills to students. In short, I read the article to imply that widely held beliefs that students fall into discreet “learning … Read More

Spinning around the CPR BS

This post has nothing to do with cardio-pulmonary resuscitation nor bull_hit. Sorry if you were looking for those. As is my wont, I’m taking my brain out on a stroll from the safe confines of conventional instructional strategy and looking at the process of teaching kayaking strokes from a tangential perspective. I’m not sure whether I’m ascribing to, nor proselytizing this … Read More