ACA Course Decision Trees

I have so many reasons to be proud of both my pedigree as an ACA Instructor Trainer Educator, having been trained and mentored by ACA former President and SEIC Chair Robin Pope and CKAPCO owner Mike Aronoff, and my legacy, having myself mentored current Instructor Trainers like C.C. Williams and Chris Wing.

In this instance, I’m going to push the envelope on my own pride and highlight some work done by C.C. Williams as an example of the high caliber of work some of these folks are doing.

As you may recall, C.C. Williams instructs through the City of Rock Hill, SC A.L.L. Outdoors Program and day-in and day-out, produces some of the finest examples of ACA instruction to be found.

At last weekend’s first Level 1-Level 2 ACA Instructor Update Symposium (which C.C. initiated and organized, btw), he presented a new way of looking at the algorithm of deciding what ACA paperwork is appropriate to register and/or report courses.

Some new instructors may find the system a little confusing and C.C. wanted to do his part to help them learn it.

I’ve done a couple of posts and videos on course registration and reporting but I really like the way that C.C. has managed to make a visually logical diagram of the process.

I want to be among the first to help point instructors to this new resource. C.C. and I have talked about the possibility of translating it out of its current .pdf format into an online .html version, but It is perfectly useable in its current incarnation.

I want to congratulate and thank C.C. for continuing to move our sport and vocation forward with this kind of excellence. Below is the embedded .pdf version of the tool.

Download a local copy of this file.

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