Certifications by internationally recognized organizations and affiliation with a professional school aside, the value my instruction boils down to is the perceived and realized opinions of the people I’ve had a chance to work with and teach. I’m very proud of the successes I’ve had in teaching. The quotes below are a sampling of those I’ve received from my students. I take great pride in these results:

ACA River Kayak Instructor Trainer Educator– “I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and applaud your thoroughness, professionalism, and high standard…I think that your [material] initiated the thought that every IT/ITE should have before instructing an IDW/ICE or ICW: am I fulfilling my role as an IT/ITE and could I be doing it better?”

Instructor Trainer Candidate- “Having worked with Larry to teach a previous course, I can tell you that if you do your IT work with him, you’d be learning from one of the best ITEs the ACA has to offer. I’ve been teaching in the classroom and on the water for nearly ten years, and was amazed at how much I’ve learned about teaching kayaking from him!”

Instructor Candidate-“One of the things that I appreciate most about Larry is his ability to pose thoughtful questions and engage in conversation/debate about the possible answers without making others feel like his viewpoint is the most correct one. I can tell that he maintains the highest standard possible in all his courses, but he manages to do it while also making adjustments to meet the needs of individual students. He is a great instructor model both on and off the water!”

Instructor Candidate-“Larry was very adept at working with an individual at the level they came in at and helping them progress to their goals and needs. Very down to earth and extremely knowledgeable. Critical but positive.”

Instructor Candidate-“Thank you both [teaching with co-instructor] for an amazing experience, I’m humbled by your talents.  I promise to never stop learning and seek to find ways to grow and improve my kayaking knowledge.  You’ve given me a great foundation.”

Coastal kayaking navigation course student- “Huge thanks…for an awesome intro. class for us! This is not an easy subject to teach and it is a difficult skill to master with great degrees of difficulty…..he did a perfect job of giving us practical information and skills we can start to implement and practice immediately, THANKS AGAIN for a stellar class Larry! We so appreciate the glaring evidence of your hours and hours of preparation to teach this course.

Instructor Candidate- “I’m looking forward to being in ANY of Larry’s future classes and will refer my clients for certifications.”

Instructor Candidate- “He explained in great details the course objectives. He provided many opportunities for student participation & input. Weaknesses- NONE.”

Instructor Candidate- “I consider Larry as a natural leader, instructor and kayaker.  I appreciate his enthusiasm for the sport of kayaking, which has made everyone who has kayaked with him a better kayaker.  His leadership is constantly proven on the river by how he successfully organizes trips, group dynamics, safety, and fun river skill challenges/ …His leadership was demonstrated by good organization, clear expectations for the purpose of the clinic and as well as excellent instruction.  …valuable feedback that I have since used and improved upon when I was instructing subsequent clinics.  …I also appreciate Larry’s dedication to safety and training.  Larry put together some very helpful videos on boat rescues.  He also spent time with me to go over boat rescue skills.”

Instructor Candidate-“The professional paddling community and ACA family will greatly benefit from Larry’s teaching methods and high standards he uses to develop paddlers into quality instructors. I feel honored to have been under his direction and guidance for the short time we had together. His positive approach will have a lasting impact on me…”

Instructor Candidate- “…we learned more in our time with you than in a year of paddling.”

Kayak Rolling Student: “One thing that sets you apart is your keen ability to diagnose what is wrong with the fine tuning of the roll, not everyone can do that past the basics. […] you always bring a level of professionalism and preparedness via research and experience to the table that repeatedly sets you apart from other instructors. […] you are an especially gifted instructor and you rock!”

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