The Ouch Pouch for minor on-water first aid

I’ve been playing around some with ways to reorganize my on-water first aid supplies and kit. Fortunately, most of the time I’ve needed first aid supplies on the river they have been occasions where minor cuts and scrapes needed attention more from an excess of caution and for the convenience/comfort of the injured paddler. (I like to think that this … Read More

We’re Watching You

I’m sorry. But. It’s a side-effect of my trade that I and other paddling instructors are watching what you do on the water in your paddle craft. We’re looking at you and thinking: “I could help that person”. I see a pretty common set of issues that affect kayakers ranging in skills and experience all the way from the occasional … Read More

Quick tip on tethers

Here’s a quick tip on tow tethers (aka “Cowtails”) you might be using on your rescue PFD. I wish I could take credit for the idea but like most great ideas, this one spreads like a virus: I caught it and am passing it along. I saw this at the  2015 ACA Swiftwater Rescue Symposium. Several rescue PFDs on the … Read More

Strainer hazard on the Nolichucky

A recent round of posts on the paddling listserves noted a strainer hazard on the Nolichucky gorge. I was there last week and took the video below to better depict the hazard and its location. Those familiar with the Nolichucky will recognize this is looking upstream toward the head of Quartermile Rapid. The flow that day was about 850 cfs. … Read More