A little bit goes a long way

Seriously. You don’t necessarily need to make big changes in your paddling technique to see big gains in your paddling proficiency. You’re part-way there already. Honing just a couple of basic kayaking fundamentals can make a difference in whether you catch that big wave or that tough eddy. The better you get; the greater the result. Here are some small changes … Read More

Spinning around the CPR BS

This post has nothing to do with cardio-pulmonary resuscitation nor bull_hit. Sorry if you were looking for those. As is my wont, I’m taking my brain out on a stroll from the safe confines of conventional instructional strategy and looking at the process of teaching kayaking strokes from a tangential perspective. I’m not sure whether I’m ascribing to, nor proselytizing this … Read More

Walking the Talk: An introduction to stroke modeling

Paddling instructor candidates (IC) frequently face two consistent barriers along their path to certification. The first is placing themselves into the mindset of their future students and understanding the apprehensions and un-asked questions neophyte paddlers have. Many instructor candidates enter their Instructor Development Workshop with good paddling skills and are far-removed from the day when they, themselves first climbed into a boat … Read More

How much to teach and when?

Never one to pass up a good idea, even when it’s not my own, I wanted to add a little discussion to a recent, excellent article by Chris Wing on his whitewaterdreams.com site. I really couldn’t agree more with what Chris has to say, from both standpoints of observation of many instructors and from my own ever-evolving philosophy of instruction. … Read More